Financial Support

Oncology Financial Navigators

We realize that finances may be a key concern for patients when discussing treatment options. Our oncology financial navigators can help you understand the financial aspects of cancer care. They can work with you and your physicians to help relieve financial stress and improve your access to the care you need. An oncology financial navigator will review and evaluate your healthcare benefits to determine what your potential out-of-pocket costs may be and see if resources are available to lower your costs. Your navigator also may:

  • Look for co-payment assistance from pharmaceutical companies for uninsured and underinsured patients using specific products. 
  • Contact foundations that assist underinsured patients with deductibles and copays related to specific diagnoses. 
  • Secure assistance with insurance premiums for patients who meet specific eligibility requirements. 
  • Help eligible patients enroll in health insurance through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace by connecting them with certified application counselors.
  • Help eligible patients enroll in Healthy Michigan and Medicaid by connecting them with state certified navigation partners. 
  • Help eligible patients enroll in the Social Security Disability program. 
  • Provide enrollment assistance at health insurance open enrollment times and evaluate coverage of potential plans in relation to plan of treatment. 
  • Access additional benefits through your insurance plan, such as transportation or lodging, if available. 
  • Access funds supported by generous community donations that assist cancer patients in treatment. 

Cancer affects all people and has no income boundaries. Each assistance program has different income limits, ranging from 100 percent of the Federal Poverty Level to 500 percent of the Federal Poverty Level and beyond. Some programs have no income limits. If your family is experiencing any financial stress related to your treatments, please contact the oncology financial navigators to review what assistance might be available to you. Learn more about our financial support services.

Contact Us

Our oncology financial navigators attempt to meet with most patients. If you have not met with an oncology financial navigator and have questions about your costs of treatment or how your benefits will cover your treatments, please feel free to call. We also encourage you to call if you have any questions once you start receiving bills for your treatments. We are always finding new solutions and would appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Please contact us by calling 231-392-8400 or fax 231-935-2256.

Cancer Patient Needs Fund

Our Cancer Patient Needs Fund is dedicated to helping cancer patients in need who live in the communities served by Munson Medical Center. The fund provides financial assistance for supportive care when other means have been exhausted. Supportive care includes, but is not limited to, such things as transportation, childcare, and utilities during treatment, as well as prosthetics. The Cancer Patient Needs Fund is not intended to provide funding for specific treatments. The Cancer Patient Needs Fund is made possible through community support, fundraising and special events, as well as private donations and volunteer funding efforts.

How to Get Help 

Women diagnosed with cancer may apply for assistance through:

  • Munson Medical Center’s Cancer Services 
  • Cowell Family Cancer Center 
  • Munson Medical Center’s Medical Social Work Department

For more information on the Women’s Cancer Fund, call Munson Cancer Services at 231-392-8400.

How to Give Help 

The Women’s Cancer Fund requires about $60,000 annually to meet requests for help. The average patient need is around $600. It is important to note that the number of women needing assistance is growing each year. 

The Women’s Cancer Fund relies on generous support through community events, private donations, and volunteer fundraising efforts. On-going support is needed to continue to help local women who are battling cancer. For information on events that support the Women’s Cancer Fund, call Munson Healthcare Foundations at 231-213-1150, or visit their website.