Safe Transportation from Care-Focused Drivers

Munson Healthcare Transportation Services offers prompt, safe, reliable transportation seven days a week.

We can help you get to and from your doctor’s appointments and other medical-related trips anywhere, just ask. Our drivers are trained aides who assist you inside and outside the vehicle, offering peace of mind for you and your family.

Munson Healthcare Transportation manages its own fleet of vehicles, and each one can hold up to two wheelchairs. Call for our rates; it’s often less expensive than popular transportation alternatives. 

No Time Limit or Mileage Boundaries

Munson Healthcare Transportation has no time limit or mileage boundaries. There is also room in our vehicles for a family member or caregiver to travel with you at no extra charge. Common trips we help with include:

  • Routine medical or non-medical appointments
  • Long distance medical appointments
  • Transfer home after hospital discharge
  • To and from skilled nursing facilities
  • To and from outpatient appointments that require someone to stay during the procedure
  • To and from family events and other non-medical transportation

If you need help getting in or out of our vehicles, our drivers are trained to safely assist you at pick-up and upon arrival at your destination. They can also carefully load and unload your wheelchair. Our drivers know how to get to the physician offices and facilities you need to visit, which means you can simply enjoy the ride.

Schedule Your Ride Today

Munson Healthcare Transportation works with Medicaid Waiver clients through contracted state agencies and auto insurance companies, as well as Workers’ Compensation to help pay for your transportation. We also accept credit cards to reserve and pay for rides.

To schedule your trip in one of our safe, reliable vehicles, call us at 800-252-2065.