‘A healthy, handsome, happy baby boy’

Like many first-time mothers, Breeana Perkins was overwhelmed when she held her newborn son at Munson Medical Center. “I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t talk. I was so happy.”

Unlike most mothers, Breeana’s moment of joy was delayed as her son laid on the chest of the young woman who had just given birth to him. With the birth mother’s blessing, Breeana was in the room to assist with and witness her son’s birth.

The emotion-charged moments following the birth could have been painful, awkward, and uncomfortable as the baby’s birth mother cuddled him before handing the infant to the people who would love and raise him.

Maternity nurses took charge, treating both women and Brecken’s new Dad with sensitivity, respect, and kindness. “The whole experience was absolutely wonderful,” Breeana said. “We had no idea how it would all work out – there were so many unknowns. The nurses were paying attention to everything. They were so accommodating, so sweet – like it was such a normal process. Munson Medical Center nailed it – they hit a home run. They made it super special.”

Nurses arranged for Breeana and Kevin to stay in a patient room on the hospital’s pediatric unit with their baby. Like all new parents, they were given time to bond, with the comfort and security of having nurses standing by to offer advice and education. Within hours, they needed both.

Moving to Neonatal Intensive Care

Brecken went from peaceful sleep to inconsolable screaming as his tiny body began to experience withdrawal from medications prescribed to his birth mother. “That first night we were utterly exhausted – we didn’t know what exactly to do,” Breeana recalled. “The nurses were all super consoling and helpful. It was very clear that Brecken needed to go down to the NICU.”

Breeana and Kevin credit Neonatologist Matthew Arnold, MD, and NICU nurses with Brecken’s short two-week recovery. “They took control of the situation. I felt comfortable stepping back and watching them do their job. Everyone was constantly teaching us. I loved knowing that the nurses were right there – they were super caring, super knowledgeable. Brecken just did so well. I’m so proud of Munson Medical Center after that experience. They did an excellent job.”

Support from Friends

Two of Breeana’s best friends are nurses at Munson Medical Center. Lindsey Mack and Lauren Glenn visited every day. Lauren even donated breastmilk to Brecken so he could thrive. “In a really stressful time, for her to do that was amazing.”

The Adoption Option

Through regular physicals, Breeana learned it was unlikely she could conceive a child. The couple considered options and thought for a long time before deciding on adoption.

“There were many challenges along the way, but this situation felt like it was meant to be,” Breeana said. As Brecken approached his first birthday on May 10, she described him as “a very happy, handsome, healthy baby boy.”

“I feel honored to be his mother. We appreciate every parenting moment. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to us.”