Judy Williamson: ‘I’m So Impressed with this Cancer Center’

Judy WilliamsonIn 2017 and 2018, every Eagles Auxiliary in the state of Michigan is raising money for the Cowell Family Cancer Center in Traverse City, thanks to Judy Williamson of Grayling. Judy was elected as Auxiliary State Madam President for the Fraternal Order of Eagles in June 2017. As president, she has the opportunity to select the charity all state auxiliaries will support during her term in office.

It wasn’t a hard decision for her to make.

A Second Diagnosis

Judy’s husband, Dennis, was diagnosed with lymphoma more than a decade ago and has been in remission following successful chemotherapy and radiation treatment. In January 2017, Munson Medical Center Cardiothoracic Surgeon Shelly Lall, MD, removed part of Dennis’s left lung after a scan detected cancer cells. Through it all, his care has been directed by Medical Oncologist David Gordon, MD. “He is marvelous,” Dennis said. “He’s been with me throughout this journey.”

Amazing Care

With his second diagnosis, Dennis and Judy experienced firsthand many of the programs the new cancer center offers, including clinical navigators who help patients move step-by-step through the treatment process. “It was such a relief to be able to come to one place to have everything done,” Judy said.

“The care is wonderful,” Dennis said. “I got all of my questions answered. I got answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. They don’t treat you like a case – they treat you like a friend.”

Tour Confirms Decision

Last year, Eagle auxiliaries in Michigan raised more than $80,000 for the University of Michigan Depression Center. When Judy’s term ends in summer 2018, she hopes to present a sizeable check to the Cowell Family Cancer Center. A tour of the facility convinced her it is the right place for her organization’s resources.

“I’m so impressed with this place,” Judy said. Visiting the center’s beautiful, peaceful Infusion Suite brought back a lot of memories of her husband’s treatment. “I remember how hard it was on him – losing your hair, the fatigue, the tiredness. Having gone through it, I know some of the anguish they might be feeling.”

“I just hope we raise a lot of money and I would like to see some of it go to cancer research,” Judy said. “We need to find a cure for this horrible disease and support all of the other programs as well.”

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