Nickum Family Foundation Supports Critical Care in Frankfort

Nickum Family Foundation giftPaul Oliver Memorial Hospital staff must be prepared for any kind of emergency that arises. However, some emergencies occur infrequently in a rural setting and keeping critical care skills fresh can be a challenge.

Thanks to a $35,000 gift from the Nickum Family Foundation (the family of Honnie and Dick McClear), Paul Oliver purchased a Laerdal ALS simulation manikin for training and education.

The adult manikin can be programmed with various conditions that improve or worsen depending on decisions and interventions staff make. The manikin responds in lifelike ways, and critical skills can be honed during training scenarios that hold no consequences for a real-life patient.

“We are very thankful for this gift,” said Paul Oliver’s Chief Nursing Officer Ann Holmes. “Our previous adult manikin used for training was outdated and unusable. Simulation learning is important to us because it gives our staff a higher level of competence, more confidence and a strong sense of teamwork that has to take place in any emergency situation. This equipment will truly help us stay prepared.”

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