Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital Leadership

Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital's Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team are talented individuals from many walks of life with a single purpose – to ensure Munson Healthcare Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital fulfills its mission and vision to deliver the best possible care for our community.

Munson Healthcare Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees

Effective July 2020

Kristine Thomas, Chair
William McMillan, MD, Vice Chair
John Rothhaar, Secretary/Treasurer
Ed Ness, President & CEO, Munson Healthcare 
James Barker, CEO & South Region President

Susan Baynard
William Kennis
Diane Miller
Matthew Olson
Michelle Russell
Susan Staelin>
Michael Worden
Dave Wynne

Munson Healthcare Paul Oliver Foundation Board of Trustees

Effective July 2020

Irene Nugent - Chair
Hallie Christian - Vice Chair

Bill Beck
Hank Dow
Susan Feiten
Phyllis Foster
Gordon Hopcian
Honnie McClear
Bill Parris
James Barker - CEO & South Region President

Senior Leadership Team

James Barker, CEO & South Region President
Kristi Johnson, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nursing Officer
Nancy Smith, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Bobbi Pontz, South Region Director, Human Resources
Randy Hodges, South Region Director, Ambulatory Services
Stephanie Birgy, South Region Manager, Accounting/Financial Services
Lynn Schutter, South Region Manager, Marketing