Accepting Gifts of Items or Services

We have an ever-changing list of items that are needed throughout Munson Healthcare facilities. Please watch the short video in regard to the Global Shortage of Personal Protective Equipment with former Senior Vice President of System Services, Mark Deponio.

If you have questions regarding donated items, please contact the Foundations directly at 231-213-1150 or

Global Shortage of Personal Protective Equipment: We Need Your Help

The following new or unused, unscented items are being accepted:

  • Homemade face masks
  • Disposable face masks
  • Disposable stethoscopes
  • Thermometers
  • N95 and KN95 masks (sometimes called respirators)
  • Eye protection, i.e. safety goggles
  • Disposable gowns
  • Disposable gloves, especially non-latex
  • Disposable surgical caps
  • Disposable foot covers
  • Wipes: bleach or antimicrobial
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Standard toilet paper

More specialized items include:

  • PAPRs (powered air-purifying respirators) and PAPR hoods
  • Nasal testing swabs
  • Viral testing kits

Other Ways to Support Munson Healthcare