Munson Manor Guest Testimonials


Munson Manor Guest Testimonials

"What a blessing the Munson Manor is. A place to stay far from home and close to my two appointments. Highlights: helpful receptionists gave 110% quality of service... cleanliness of rooms... following Covid guidelines... and during these trying times all had a smile on their face and a helpful attitude. I would definitely recommend the Munson Manor! I repeat, what a blessing!"


"Thank you for making this service available to Munson patients and families! Beautiful facility, friendly people and just an awesome experience, even in this trying time of COVID."


"When we arrived it was like meeting with old friends. We felt so welcomed. Thank you all for what you do!"


"The name Munson Manor Hospitality House explains it all. The Munson name means you will receive excellent care. The word Manor describes that you will be staying in a spacious beautiful building. The word Hospitality describes the wonderful service that you are given during your stay. House lets you know that you will always feel at home and you know that the staff cares about you being comfortable during your stay. I had to stay here for 2 months and I always felt safe whether you walked to and from the hospital. If you decided to use the shuttle the drivers were always very friendly and helpful. The staff will accommodate you to the best of their ability. There rooms are very clean and cozy. Thank you to the staff that took such wonderful care of me while I was going through a very difficult time of my life."


"I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to have the Munson Manor available to us. My surgery was not a major surgery, but it was still a concern for me as well as my husband. Having the Munson Manor so close to the hospital and to Dr. Leslie's office with all the snow around took away one more concern about my surgery. Plus the Munson Manor is so nice. Clean, friendly, comfortable and so reasonable in cost. It was unbelievably amazing. The food was so nice to have and the people working there were nicer than we've had in most hotels anywhere! As you can tell, I can't say enough good things about the Munson. I hope my husband or I don't have to have any more surgeries, but if we do, we know at least we can count on the Munson. Thank you, so very much."


"Everyone was very friendly and helpful. It was extremely convenient for us, being right next to the hospital and the manor itself, was very clean and welcoming. We already told the doctor who referred us to you that it was a good experience and we would highly recommend it for any of his future patients. (The TV room on the second floor was very cozy and relaxing, while waiting for our appointment.) Thank you for your hospitality!"


"Thank you so much for everything! The staff at Munson Manor are absolutely wonderful and compassionate. They make you feel welcome and comfortable."


"What a special place. We felt at home as soon as we arrived. To have such a beautiful well-equipped place to stay when dealing with medical issues away from home is priceless. Our deepest gratitude."


"What a blessing Munson Manor House has been. It is a clean, comfortable and serene environment to come back to during the day and especially at the end of a long day of caring for family in the hospital. Thank you for everything!"


"Munson Manor has been such a blessing. It is very close to the hospital, it is a very reasonable price, and excellent accommodations. This is a wonderful place, especially for families that are from out of state. The staff are so kind and have been so helpful. Thank you for your hospitality."


"The Manor is a wonderful place and I did not have to worry about my husband losing his way to the hospital as the shuttle was always available. The dinners put on in the evenings were extremely helpful as I did not have to wonder if my husband was getting a good meal."


"Munson Manor was just what I needed, and an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL service. My Dad was in the hospital for 2 weeks in ICU and I live 300 miles away from Traverse City. In the fall during the color season I would never have been able to afford a motel room for that long. It was so nice to know that there was a bed waiting for me with a clean shower, breakfast and all the other fabulous amenities. Everyone was so hospitable and kind. Thank you to all of the employees and volunteers for making this tremendous service available to people like me!"