Munson Medical Center has upgraded its popular UpToDate application to UpToDate Anywhere, which now allows physicians and providers to access peer-reviewed health content from their office or mobile device, and earn CME credit. 

Registration is required to access UpToDate Anywhere. UpToDate Anywhere users must reregister from a Munson Healthcare computer every 90 days. This requirement will go away once UpToDate is integrated with PowerChart later this year.

For questions on UpToDate content, contact Munson’s Knowledge Management Services at 231-935-6170 or Library-HealthSciences@mhc.net.

For questions related to accessing the Munson Intranet, contact the Munson Help Desk at 231-935-6053 or helpdesk@mhc.net.  

How to Register for UpToDate Anywhere: 

  1. If you’re on a Munson Healthcare computer*, skip to #2; Otherwise, log into http://services.mhc.net using a web browser
  2. Open Internet Explorer, a.k.a. Munson Intranet
  3. Go to www.uptodate.com
  4. Click on “Register Now”
  5. Complete registration form and submit
  6. To access UpToDate from a non-Munson Healthcare computer once you have registered: go to www.uptodate.com and login
  7. To add UpToDate to your mobile device: search for “UpToDate” in your app store (available for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 devices)

*Munson Medical Center’s Library, located across from Hospital Administration, is a great place to register for UpToDate Anywhere.

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