Munson Healthcare Offers Lung Screenings on Nov. 11


Munson Healthcare will offer low-dose CT scan screenings as part of National Lung Screening Day on Nov. 11.

Munson Healthcare Director of Radiology Branden Hill said the screenings at health system hospitals emphasize the importance of lung health for residents in the region.

“Lung cancer remains a significant public health concern, with early detection being a critical factor in improving outcomes,” Hill said. “National Lung Screening Day is an opportunity for individuals to take charge of their lung health by participating in low-dose CT scan screening.”

Criteria for screening includes:

  • Patients between 50 and 77 years old.
  • Current or former smoker. Former smokers are those who quit in the past 15 years.
  • Smoking history of at least 20-pack years which is determined by the number of packs smoked a day multiplied by the total number of years smoked.

To obtain a screening, patients must have a referral from their primary care physician or be seen in the lung cancer screening clinic before Nov. 11 and then schedule an appointment.

Once the physician’s office has faxed the CT order to the appropriate hospital:

  • Patients served at Cadillac Hospital, Grayling Hospital, Kalkaska Memorial Health Center, Munson Medical Center, and Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital should call 1-800-968-9292, option 1 to schedule an appointment.
  • In Charlevoix, call 231-547-8801.
  • In Manistee the patient should call 231-398-1114.
  • Otsego Memorial Hospital patients should call OMH Central Scheduling at 989-731-2152.

Payment for the screening is covered by most insurance firms and if required please fax a prior authorization prior to scheduling, check with your physician’s office for the fax number.
Residents without a primary care provider can receive help finding one at or calling 231-935-5886.