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Cadillac HospitalSince opening in 1908, Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital has worked to improve the health of people in the greater Cadillac region. Today, we provide quality health care to more than 80,000 residents across seven counties. Our hospital staffs 49 acute-care beds with 65 active physicians. We maintain our high quality through ongoing improvements.

Five-Star Quality Rated by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), recognized Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital as one of only ten hospitals in Michigan, out of 136 total, to receive a five-star rating for overall quality. Only about seven percent of hospitals nationwide were rated as five-star hospitals.

COVID-19 Response Fund

The COVID-19 Response Fund was established to help support the emerging needs of Munson Healthcare hospitals. Make a gift today to help ensure our healthcare team can quickly respond to patient and clinical needs in this time of crisis. 

This fund will be used for: 

  • Emergency medical triage supplies
  • Medical supplies for emergency departments, surgical, room and other patient-specific supplies in high demand
  • Testing sites to help prevent the spread of the illness

Surgical Services

To keep pace with the latest advancements, Cadillac Hospital must regularly update and replace its medical technology. As the hospital begins to grow its surgical team, equipment and surgical space needs to grow. Cadillac Hospital has experienced a tremendous increase in the number of surgeries performed; last year alone the hospital experienced a 49% increase. There are currently two main areas of surgery that have a need for new equipment.

  1. ENT Navigation Equipment is required to perform endoscopic sinus surgery and is highly relied on by surgeons to navigate around the sinus area safely. This area of the human body has critical structures, such as the orbital (eye) area, brain and the carotid artery. Safety is a priority and the surgery cannot be completed with the ENT Navigation system. The total cost to renew the current service agreement for ongoing maintenance, repair and calibration is $150,000.
  2. Through the recruitment process, Munson Healthcare Cadillac was able to double its access for urology care in the Cadillac and surrounding communities. With the addition of a new urologist in 2018, equipment use is stretched thin in the Surgical Services Department. It is critical that urology services are supported to ensure that patients are able to receive the care that they need and our surgeons have the equipment and instrumentation to perform surgery. The needs include: a Gyrus System ($40,000) that would allow surgery to treat a condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) which is an enlargement of the prostate gland that can obstruct urination; and, Cystoscopy instrumentation and scopes ($45,000) which allows for urologists to examine the urethra and bladder for polyps, strictures, abnormal growth, and other problems.


The Innovation Fund was established at the Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital Foundation so that hospital leadership can respond quickly to opportunities that change the way care is delivered to improve patient health. Examples of these types of opportunities include equipping a new urgent care facility in an underserved community or investing in robotic surgery. Keeping Cadillac Hospital up-to-date with all the latest technology and best practices available is of the utmost importance to those working at this hospital, and the patients who use our services.

Patient Needs

The Patient Needs Fund provides financial assistance for the urgent needs of patients during a health-related crisis. Medical social workers and case management staff identify and approve financial assistance through this fund, based on patient needs. Immediate assistance is often provided until other resources can be arranged in partnership with other human services agencies.

Help provided through the Patient Needs Fund includes:

  • Gas cards, which allow patients to travel to and from home for medical appointments.
  • Assistance with groceries, medications, rent/mortgage payments, utilities  

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Circle of Excellence

The Circle of Excellence acknowledges generous donors of Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital who have cumulative gifts of at least $1,000 annually. Register for a Circle of Excellence event today (members only). 

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