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Collective Bargaining at Munson Medical Center

In August 2017, registered nurses at Munson Medical Center took part in a two-day election to determine if they should be represented by the Michigan Nurses Association. The result: 489 nurses voted in favor of forming a union while 439 voted against the measure. Four months later, the Michigan Nurses Association requested the first bargaining session.

Since December 7, 2017, the collective bargaining committee, that includes representatives from both sides, has been meeting four full days per month for the past seven months, with much more work being done in between sessions. It’s a big time commitment, and we’re dedicated to it.

Throughout these first-time contract negotiations, we seek in good faith to move forward together and continue to work as one health care team so that every patient we treat continues to receive award-winning care. It is our goal to be transparent throughout the collective bargaining process. 

We invite you to read our commitment to our community and to stay up-to-date on progress.

Bargaining Update - March 23, 2019

Today Munson Medical Center (MMC) was notified by the Michigan Nurses Association (MNA) that nurses represented by the bargaining unit have ratified a three-year contract agreement.

We are pleased by this news and pleased to move beyond these negotiations. Our top priority has always been to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of care. Our nurses, like the rest of the Health Care Team, are critical to that goal. 

The contract continues to reflect MMC’s commitment to providing all employees a fair and competitive wage and benefits package, regardless of whether or not an employee is represented by a union.  We believe in the principle of One Health Care Team with the understanding that it takes hundreds of different job categories to run a hospital 24x7. Our ongoing commitment to fair principles for all employees continues to allow us to retain and recruit excellent staff throughout the organization including nurses in the bargaining unit.  

We are particularly pleased that nurses in the bargaining unit will continue to receive the same excellent package of health insurance, retirement, and other benefits that MMC makes available to all employees.  We entered negotiations with a commitment to ensuring that our existing benefits package remained available to nurses, and we are pleased that the contract reflects the value offered by our current plans.  

The contract also reflects our commitment to excellent patient care, while allowing for the flexibility to meet patient needs and the changing healthcare environment.

MMC has attained Magnet recognition three times in a row. Magnet Recognition® from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) is the highest and most prestigious distinction a healthcare organization can receive for nursing excellence and high-quality patient care. With only 8% of U.S. hospitals earning Magnet designation, it’s clearly the gold standard. We believe that this contract will enable us to continue with our existing policies and values that have earned us Magnet recognition in the past.

The contract includes:

  • Wage adjustments which are similar to what nurses have received prior to organizing and comparable to what similarly situated nurses and other professionals who are not in the bargaining unit have been receiving.  Again, MMC remains committed to paying all employees fairly and appropriately regardless of whether they are represented or unrepresented.
  • Continued tuition reimbursement and professional development that matches what MMC has provided for nurses for many years and continues to provide to other staff.
  • Maintenance of MMC’s current health insurance and retirement benefits on the same terms that those plans are offered to all employees.
  • A continued commitment to avoiding mandatory overtime, a goal we began working on three years ago when we began recruiting and raising wages to reduce staffing vacancies.

Since beginning collective bargaining in December 2017, we have stressed our support and respect for nurses and worked to find common ground and resolve our differences. MMC will continue to work with the MNA in implementing the details contained within the contract.

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