Meet Waddles!

Meet Waddles

Waddles joined Munson Healthcare in 2017 to help keep our healthcare teams safe. As you know, northern Michigan winters can be challenging and he wanted to share tips and best practices for safe winter walking.

His “Walk Like a Penguin” safety message worked so well with our staff that we saw a significant reduction in slips, trips, and falls. The waddle works!

Waddles Introduced throughout Northern Michigan

Next, we decided to introduce him to our communities throughout northern Michigan. Over the past couple of years, he has offered up safe walking tips for every season — both indoors and out — to our healthcare teams and you! Click here to download our safe winter walking tips poster featuring Waddles. And for more information, take a look at our "Safe Winter Walking: Walk Like a Penguin" blog! 

Waddles the Munson Healthcare Safety Penguin

Waddles Avoids COVID-19 Today

Waddles wears a mask to Avoid COVID-19 TodayWhen the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our feathered friend “stepped” up to do more. In addition to working his waddle, he is showing everyone how to wear masks the right way so it not only protects us but the people around us as we all strive to Avoid COVID-19 Today.

He saw the many creative ways people were wearing masks and came up with the following message to help: Under the Chin is Where it Begins and Over the Nose is Where it Goes.

We’ve distributed Waddles’ new message to numerous places in our communities so don’t be surprised if you see it popping up everywhere. Trust us, when it comes to safety, the penguin knows!

For more information on masking and other safe practices to reduce the spread of COVID-19, check out our “Over the Nose is Where it Goes” blog. And to get a Waddles’ masking poster of your own, click here