Breastfeeding for Healthy Mothers and Babies

BreastfeedingThe American Academy of Pediatrics identifies breastfeeding as the ideal method for feeding and nurturing infants. Breastfeeding also is important in achieving optimal infant and child health, growth, and development. 

Babies who are breastfed for at least six months have fewer health problems than babies who are artificially fed, including fewer infections, illnesses, and allergies.

Studies have found babies who are breastfed are likely to have:

  • Decreased risk of asthma
  • Fewer chronic digestive diseases
  • Higher IQs
  • Less risk of diabetes
  • Lower incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Women who breastfeed also lower their risk of breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer, as well as osteoporosis.

Breastfeeding Support and Education

Breastfeeding is a natural, though learned, skill for both mother and newborn. Few moments are more cherished than those spent during the quiet bonding while feeding your new baby. However, it is natural to have questions and concerns.

All Munson Healthcare hospitals offer lactation consultants, breastfeeding education classes, and breastfeeding support groups for new mothers. Find the breastfeeding class or support group nearest you. You may also call 800-533-5520 or call your local hospital. 

  • Cadillac Hospital: 231-876-7820
  • Charlevoix Hospital: 231-547-8866
  • Grayling Hospital: 989-348-0415
  • Manistee Hospital: 231-398-1414 or 800-968-9292, ext. 81414
  • Munson Medical Center: 231-935-2591
  • Otsego Memorial Hospital: 989-731-2111