Safety Measures Now in Place for Expectant Mothers and Their Families


Safety Measures Now in Place for Expectant Mothers and Their Families

Visitors and Your Support Person

Prenatal appointments and testing

Due to our current visitor restrictions, visitors are not permitted to accompany patients to outpatient appointments and testing at our hospitals, including ultrasounds. Your support person is welcome (and encouraged) to wait for you in the parking lot and can support through video technologies if needed.

Labor, Delivery, and Recovery

Our current visitation restrictions allow for one support person (your partner or a loved one for example) during labor, delivery, and recovery, and one doula or licensed midwife to be present during labor and delivery. To ensure safety, your support person and doula/midwife must pass a COVID-19 screening upon entry and cannot exhibit any symptoms or signs of illness. Your support person must also be the same person throughout the entire stay (no switching). We are asking that your support person stay with you in the hospital room once you are admitted.

We will provide meals (or a meal ticket) to your support person. However, please note that hospital cafeteria hours are currently limited, so we recommend asking your support person to pack some favorite snacks for his/her stay to keep on hand.

Health Screenings During Admittance for Labor and Delivery

Monitoring your health status prior to your baby's birth is critical to ensuring the safest delivery experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We screen all patients for COVID-19 prior to entry to the OB department. The screening will include questions about your health. It is extremely important to answer these questions truthfully, even if your symptoms seem minor.  If you have a scheduled delivery, such as a cesarean section or induction, we will begin pre-screening via phone one-to-two days prior to admission.

For Patients Who are Not Suspected or Confirmed to have COVID-19

Maternity patients will be admitted to their chosen maternity unit at Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital, Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital, Munson Medical Center, or Otsego Memorial Hospital.  

Please Note: Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital patients will now deliver at Otsego Memorial Hospital. For questions or additional information, contact your OB provider.

What if I am Expecting Suspected or Diagnosed with COVID-19? 

In order to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, Munson Medical Center now has a special isolation unit dedicated to labor, delivery, and recovery for maternity patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. Learn more about the measures taken to keep you and your newborn safe if you are suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19.