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Community Health Programs

Munson Healthcare Community Health is actively involved in a variety of programs aimed at improving community health. Programs offered by Munson Healthcare include:

Healthy Futures

Healthy Futures began in 1998 as a partnership of northern Michigan health care providers, health departments, and Munson Healthcare to improve the health of pregnant women and families with young children. Healthy Futures is a free family support program that helps answer questions and assists families in finding services and resources in the community. Services are provided by Munson Healthcare and public health departments, including:

  • Education and home visits from a nurse in your community
  • Monthly educational information in the mail or by text message offering tips, encouragement, and developmental milestones up to age five.

Learn more by calling 231-935-5640 or 888-403-8468, or visit the Healthy Futures website.

Northern Michigan Diabetes Initiative

The Northern Michigan Diabetes Initiative (NMDI) is a 14-county regional collaborative. NMDI provides education and resources for people living with diabetes, as well as local, regional, and national resources for the prevention and management of diabetes. NMDI's overall goal is to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and improve the care of people with diabetes. NMDI education and awareness efforts target three areas: patients, providers, and the community. More than 30 public and private organizations participate in NMDI. Key partners include Munson Healthcare, Priority Health, regional health care providers/practices, and local public health departments. Visit the NMDI website to learn more.

Shape Up North

Obesity has been identified as the top health issue facing our region. In response, Shape Up North was created as a true community collaboration dedicated to helping northern Michigan residents achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Shape Up North’s vision is to help people of all ages and fitness levels achieve a standard of health that allows them to take full advantage of the “up north” lifestyle. Shape Up North is a resource for anyone who is interested in health, wellness, and fitness. Visit to learn more.

Fruit and Vegetable Rx

The Shape Up North Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program works closely with area clinics to support healthy behavior changes and create strong partnerships between health care providers and the local food sector. The program provides nutritional education, cooking demonstrations, and coupons to purchase fruits and vegetables to qualified participants. Our program is modeled on the successful evidence-based Washtenaw County Public Health Prescription for Health program.

Community Health Library

Munson Healthcare’s Community Health Library is located in Traverse City and serves as a great resource for everyone in northern Michigan. The library’s health information professionals are available to answer questions in person, by phone, or email. They can help you find whatever information you need from reliable sources. The library has an extensive collection of health information. The library also hosts classes and speakers with relevant health information.