Community Health Programs

Munson Healthcare Community Health is actively involved in a variety of programs aimed at improving community health. Programs offered by Munson Healthcare include:

Healthy Futures

Healthy Futures began in 1998 as a partnership of northern Michigan health care providers, health departments, and Munson Healthcare to improve the health of pregnant women and families with young children. Healthy Futures is a free family support program that helps answer questions and assists families in finding services and resources in the community. Services are provided by Munson Healthcare and public health departments, including:

  • Education and home visits from a nurse in your community
  • Monthly educational information in the mail or by text message offering tips, encouragement, and developmental milestones up to age five.

Learn more by calling 231-935-5640 or 888-403-8468, or visit the Healthy Futures website.

Fruit and Vegetable Rx

The Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program works closely with community partners and local doctors to support lifelong behavior changes that help you to be healthier. This unique program is designed specifically to help patients who have chronic disease learn the foundational basics of healthy eating while enjoying cooking demonstrations and tastings at their local farmers market.

As a bonus, you get coupons that you can use to buy yummy fresh fruits and vegetables or even seedlings to grow your own nourishing garden.