Virtual Health Education


Virtual Health Education

Munson Healthcare is offering a variety of health and wellness classes via Virtual Visit. Class descriptions and registration details are provided below.

Childbirth Preparation

This virtual course promotes a positive birth experience by preparing you and your labor partner for the birth of your child. The class includes information on the norms and variations of birth, allowing for educated decision making—which results in greater overall satisfaction with your experience:

  • Natural strategies for coping with the physical and emotional challenges of labor
  • Clear explanation of your pain medication options
  • Postpartum care of mom and baby in the hospital and going home
  • While Cesarean birth is an unexpected outcome, we will discuss why it may be necessary and how to make it a positive event

Find course dates and registration details here.

Diabetes Self-Management

Patients attending diabetes education classes are more successful in managing their disease. These virtual courses provide evidence-based information about nutrition, glucose monitoring, medications, and exercise to help you make lifestyle changes that lead to improved health.

Diabetes Self-Management virtual courses are available from the following locations:

A physician's referral is required to participate. Once referred, a diabetes educator will work with you to develop a care plan that meets your needs. Please contact your provider to learn more.